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"Manfred Sittmann is a joy to work with - always prompt with updates, patient when explaining what it all means to us non-web folks, quick to fix technical errors and troubleshoot when the internet turns against us for seemingly no reason. If you're looking for someone for your website, look no further."
Linda Woods
Siren Promotions

Client Services

To make a complete site, you have to do a lot of things - graphics, programming, sound editing etc. - and beyond that there are a number of additional services we offer our clients to make their web presence even more simple, more rewarding and more dynamic.

  • Domain and Web Server Registration

    I have worked with a lot of different servers who offer various packages, prices and support. I can help make getting your site off the ground easier by ensuring you have the exact platform you need. I can also assist you in the registration of your domain name and setup of the name/server itself.

  • Self Admin Tools

    A lot of clients love the idea of being able to update the important areas of their site themselves without having to learn HTML or any HTML editor. It gives them more control over time and content and saves them money in the long run. I can set it so so you can access a password-protected web page - type in the content you want to update and BAM - it's live on the site. It's as easy as that.

  • Site Search Engine

    See that white bar at the top of this page? You can enter a client name, a programming skill or a number of other keywords and it will search my site and return all of the content that matches your entry. This is a very quick and even more effective tool which allows users to get to the important content that they want to see without having to surf around.

  • Media Digitization

    From scanning photos to ripping mp3 audio files to creating streaming content to digitizing a VHS tape - i can take your raw content and translate it into web ready content. While it's true that the words are important - it is all of this enriched content which will truly help to leave an impression on your audience.

  • Search Engine Optimization and Submission

    There's not a lot of point to having a site if nobody shows up. I can help get you registered with the big name search engines and we can work together to make sure you are showing up in the areas and searches that you want.

  • Supporting Literature

    Often times a site will be but one arm of a media campaign. I have assisted clients in creating cd covers, interactive cds, posters, postcards and much more.

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